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Nine years ago, Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara began snapping pictures of the relationship between her grandmother and her odd-eyed white cat. Miyoko’s grandma Misao found the abandoned cat in a shed on her land and the pair have barely been apart since. Misao named the white cat “Fukumaru” in hope the “God of fuku (good fortune) comes and everything will be smoothed over like maru (circle)”. Fukumaru is always in Misao’s shadow whether she is farming her land, having a bath, eating or sleeping. Now nearly a decade later their friendship and adventures have been documented by Miyoko in a photo book called Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.

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The Strain 1.2

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Damn she thicc

i been up all night tryna get that rich i been work work work work workin on my shit 

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Here’s hoping.


Here’s hoping.

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i’ve got to take my sewing machine in to get tuned up, so i won’t be able to sew much this week. on top of that i think i might have missed my warrantee by a month so it might cost a ton, so i figured now would be a good time to offer these! i’ve still got my old sewing machine, so i’ll (try to) get as much done on my current commissions as i can in the mean time, but these will fill the cracks since they’re just hand sewing. 

i’m going to open up about 5 slots, maybe more depending on difficulty. they will be $50-$70 each, and are about 2 inches tall.

i require payment up front through paypal, and i need photo references of what you want. i’m only taking dog commissions, which means no cats (for now), no licensed characters, no OC’s unless it’s literally just a regular dog (no wacky hair or colors or costumes or different eyes or w/e). there are a couple other things i may not be able to do because of the limitations of this style, including

  • some long haired dogs
  • small light spots on dark fur
  • curly hair 
  • anything other than black beady eyes

but totally show me pictures anyways and we can probably figure something out! 

turnaround time will be within a month at the latest if i don’t get yours done before my sewing machine gets back/if i have to order a color i don’t already have. otherwise probably a week :>

also, i work very fast on these, i usually will finish one in one sitting, so there’s not much room for WIP’s and edits. so make sure you tell me everything important before i start so i don’t miss anything!

email me at if you are interested!! and check back to the original post if you’re seeing this as a reblog. i will edit/delete the post when i’m full up. 





you can take one man’s trash to another man’s treasure but you can’t make it drink

Fun fact: the blending of idioms or cliches is called a malaphor.

My personal favorite is “We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.”

I looked it up b/c that was a very familiar idiom and how could it be wrong but then


yeah wow that’s spot on perfect

my catchphrase

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clothing adjustments that need to happen



• shirts actually designed for girls with larger chests
• plus size clothing ACTUALLY intended to accommodate plus size people not just scaled up littler clothing
• clothes for tall people that won’t ride up
• pants for people with no butts
• cute bras in bigger sizes
•the fashion industry’s understanding that there’s lots of body types and every body type deserves to feel good in the clothes they wear


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What a pose!
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